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Talonflame by songbird80880
Just in case I ruin it in the future. Because I'm super happy with this line art. :meow:
A Meeting of Morning Glories by songbird80880
A Meeting of Morning Glories
Lief again, this time with Pree, who belongs to ticticai . They are both morning glory pups, so it's only fair that they should meet one another! Pree looks ready to play, while Lief is not to sure he should land to meet this energetic girl. He's such a worry-wort. 

Each leaf and flower on the tree was drawn by hand. I wanted to do a lot more like a real morning glory plant, but I was just so tired  of this piece. I've been working on it off and on since mid-October. XD

I just noticed I forgot to put Lief's shadow on the grass. *facepalm* Oh well. 
Back To Pup Form by songbird80880
Back To Pup Form
So this is my Plummet Pup in his pup form! For now I'm calling him Lief, unless I figure out a better name. X3 Plummet Pups are a closed species made by Nestly. For more info about them, check it out  here:

In my mind, Lief is a scout for his family/plummet pup clan. (do the pups live in groups or clans? I can't remember at this second xp ) In this instance, he just reverted to his pup form in order to alert everyone of a possible danger. That's why he looks so grim. 

His colors are based off a green-cheek conure, while his tail-flower is a pink morning glory. (I know, I need to figure out a better way to draw it. But there are surprisingly few reference pictures of those flowers in their bud forms on google).

Any tips, suggestions or questions are appreciated! 
Plummet Pup by songbird80880
Plummet Pup
So this is a Plummet Pup! Nestly created this species and is holding a contest  with these guys! Simply color one of the linearts and submit it. more info here:

I based my Plummet Pup off of a green-cheeked conure and the pink pansies growing in my front lawn.
I really hope I win, this guy is so cool ~w~ Only three entries get to keep their pup, since this is a closed species. Well, I may go and buy him after the contest if I don't win.

I didn't add any shading because lately I just can't seem to get it to look right orz I hope it doesn't dampen my chances of winning.
All the gradients were done by hand, since I don't like using the gradient tool. 


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